Web Hosting

Starting your personal blog to share your thoughts? Want to share your portfolio with your prospective employers? Building your dream business and need a website to show your client, who you are? You need a place to host your website and want simply it to work! We want to be the happy home, for your awesome website! Simple, Stable and Fast webshosting, that just works! From $1/mo!

Performance VPS

Your blog has gotten so popular that you have outgrown that web hosting plan? Or you have obsessive server control syndrome? Our blazing fast Ryzen CPU and super fast NVME storage powered VPS offers the perfect blend of resource and control that satisfies even extreme OCD. 3 continents, 7 global locations; we are there, where you need us! Start configuring your perfect VPS from $2/mo!

Reseller Cloud Pool

Your dream of owning a data center starts here. Your web hosting business, your brand. We provide you the best tools to manage your business while keeping your server humming along quietly in the background. Blazing fast VPS, whitelabled VPS Management Panel, free billing System, you can get started from as low as $6.40/mo. Let us take care of the backend, while you focus on growing your brand!

vDedicated Server

Sometimes you need a kitten. Sometimes you need a roaring tiger. Sometimes you need something in between. Our scalable Blazing Fast Ryzen CPU powered vDedicated Servers, with fastest NVME disks are exactly that! Power of 100% Dedicated resource, at fractional cost! Get yours, Starting From $19.20/mo! Not everything good in life, has to be expensive.

Storage VPS

Backups. Backups of backups. Backups of backups of backups. You get the idea. There can never be enough backups. It is better to be safe than sorry. Your data is important. Keep your pecious data safe and secure. Check out our storage server plans to see which one is the best fit for your critical data protection needs. Configure your perfect backup KVM VPS storage server From $3.20/mo!

Welcome To Nexus Bytes Web Hosting Family!

Awesome Quality, Awesome Pricing & Priceless Bespoke Experience!

Contract Buyout Special

Want to snag that Nexus Bytes hosting offer really badly but you paid annually for a hosting plan half a year ago and now you can only drool at our offer? With our contract buyout special, you can wipe that drool off your face.

Unshackle that contract here.

Sweet Switch

Considering switching to Nexus Bytes? Our Migrator Special sweetens the switch: pay for a quarter and get one month free. Pay two quarters and get two months free. Pay a year, get four months free (that’s as sweet as it gets).

Ready to hack a switch plan? Click here.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer 48 hours no questions asked money back guarantee. Simply because if we cannot meet your needs as well as you hoped we could, we would rather have you spend your hard-earned money on something that works better. We can always work something out again in future! Please contact us if something doesn't meet your expectation!

Reasons To be a Member The Nexus Bytes Family!

Here at Nexus Bytes, we do things differently. You are not just a customer or another line in our CRM database. You are part of the Nexus Bytes family and we only want the best for our family. We are not going to sell our family members what we won’t buy for ourselves. That’s the Nexus Bytes difference.

True Family Experience

You are more than just a person who bought something from us. When you sign up with Nexus Bytes, you are a part of our family and therefore, you deserve special treatment. No ifs, no buts. It’s just the right thing to do. The longer you stay with Nexus Bytes, the more we will take care of you!

See our buffet list of Family Perks

Your Satisfaction First

We want you to be nothing less than completely satisfied with our services and products. As long as it is within the scope of our policy (or even if it is currently not part of our policy but within our means), we are willing to support your requests. We are family. We can always talk.

Let's get the conversation started.

24/7 Human Support

We are an unmanaged web hosting service provider. But that doesn't mean we abandon you! Here at Nexus Bytes, you have access to 24/7 personal support provided by nice, actual human beings. We have nothing against A.I. or automated support, but we just don’t think that we are ready to call robots family yet.

Click to summon a human support person.

Why Choose Nexus Bytes For Your Web Hosting Needs?

Because we care more about you getting the best performance than fattening our pockets.

High Performance

We use nothing but the latest and greatest hardware. DDOS protected Fast Network, Faster NVME Storage and even Faster AMD Ryzen CPU. With Nexus Bytes, you get performance so fast, the cops can't catch up in time to give you a speeding ticket.

Scalable Resource

Yesterday you started a new project. Today, you are a medium-sized business. Tomorrow, you are cutting deals with venture capitalists. With Nexus Bytes' scalable hosting infrastructure, we can meet your growing needs every step of the way.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

Personal blog or busy e-commerce platform? Same difference. Unstable servers or unjustified downtime is not acceptable for the Nexus Bytes family. We guarantee 99.9% network and hardware uptime backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreement.

Deploy your services on one of the most advanced networks worldwide!.

What Our Customers Say

We've helped thousands of clients with our professional, custom server solutions, enabling them to operate much more efficiently and securely than they ever did before.

I recommend your great shared hosting service whenever I have the chance, I wish your efforts make your enterprise popular one day, because right now, it is just the best kept secret of the hosting world. And sadly most people just follow trends/established practices, without thinking much what gives to them try something new.

David Paul

Nexus Bytes has hands down the best customer service I have experienced with hosting. They respond fast and are accommodating to requests that are reasonable. The servers are also very stable and with the latest hardware. My websites run really smoothly and I have no downtime after months of use other than a one-off maintenance. They are not the cheapest in the market, but their servers and services are top-notch premium quality. I would give 6 stars if that is an available option, but I will settle for 5.

Aaron Ng

Serious and professional manager, excellent assistance and very willing to listen to customer problems and find solutions. So very satisfied with the service.

Mario Unali

A golden web hosting.

Justine Dubois

I found this a better home for all of my hosting needs.

Muhammad Sahar

My favourite new host :-)

David Hartigan

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