Whitelabeled VPS Reseller Pool

Every big dreams starts with a step. If you have the ambition of owning your own datacenter serving tens of thousands of customers, we will help you take that first step and jump-start your journey towards that dream where your customers will thank you for your service!

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Nexus Bytes VPS Reseller Pool

Stackable Reseller Pool. Choose between: New York City Metro (US), Los Angeles (US), Miami (US), Naaldwijk (NL) and London (UK).

Awesomeness Simplified

All our plans offer these features because we believe in offering an experience that is no less than premium. That's the Nexus Bytes' way.

Whitelabeled Control Panel
Blazing Fast NVMe Storage
Native IPv6
Custom ISO
Basic DDoS Protection
Speedy Multi-Gigabit Network
Packed with Perks!

We offer one-click templates of the major Linux distributions such as CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu. We also offer FreeBSD. For selected VPS plans, we offer Windows Server at no extra charge.

VPS are hosted on physical hardwares (referred as host/node). Where each VPS are allocated certain amount of resources. Some of those resources are dedicated (usually RAM, storage space, IP address etc.) where some maybe shared with others such as CPU (vDedicated plans are an exception), network throughput (known as port speed) etc. If the hostnode is a building, a VPS is an apartment. Where you have your own personal space, room and what not, but still has to share the same elevators and stairs with everyone.

By utilizing and enforcing our fair share policy, we ensure that bad, noisy neighbors aren't able to impact your service. Everyone likes to party once in a while but no one likes it when that party lasts next door for days. That is exactly what our fair share policy is. While it gives you the room to burst out from time to time, when you need some extra power, it by no mean impacts or hampers your daily activities. But if you end up being the lousy one, we will humbly request you to upgrade to a vDedicated plan or even pure dedicated resources, for the best performance.
Our fair share policy allowes us to offer more for less, without overselling and thus, we pass the savings back to you.

As we mentioned before, we believe in transparency and honesty. Unlike many, we don't hide our limits and riddle you with confusing terms. Our fair share usage policies are clearly defined within our Terms of Service page. Click the button below to learn more about our policies. We try to be fair :)

That really depends on what you want to do with your VPS! If you are hosting your own blog or website, chances are you will need one. If you need a domain name, please click here.

While there's no free trial, we do believe that you shouldn't have to pay for something, if you aren't happy with it. Thus, for your peace of mind, we adhere by our no questions asked 48 hours refund policy.

By default, all our VPS and Web hosting plans are self managed. We (Nexus Bytes LLC) are only responsible for managing the physical hardware (where hostnode resides) and network. While we do and will try our best to assist our family members with common issues and troubleshooting, the expectation is that the end user is responsible for managing the overal aspect of their vps.

For example, if the hostnode or network is offline, which can be verified via checking our Heartbeat Monitor, we will take every single measurement to bring the service back online. However, if there's no known outage on our end and you (the end users) are able to access your VPS using either VNC or rescue mode, in such instance, it is completely your responsibility to troubleshoot the root cause and resolve it. Same goes for abnormal resurce usage. While you are welcome to ask us for basic guidance on what to look for and we may chose to provide additional assistance, we won't be liable for solving that issue.

While we do not expect everyone to be a pro system admin, we do encourage our family members to utilize our Knowledge base and power of Google to troubleshoot and resolve most of the issues. If you require additional administration assistance or don't want to deal with the headache of managing the server, let a pro do it for you! You can either subscribe to our DirectAdmin Management Service or hire a seasoned admin to urgently solve your issues at the rate of $100/hour.

Free Premium Control Panel

We offer DirectAdmin and CWPPro panel at no extra cost so that you can easily administer your VPS and keep it secure.

Free Blesta Billing Software

If you are running e-commerce, save money on paying for another service to bill your clients.

Free Windows 2012/2019

If Linux is not your thing, we offer Windows Server software free on selected VPS plans.