Performance Reseller Pool!

Every big dreams starts with a step. If you have the ambition of owning your own datacenter serving tens of thousands of customers, we will help you take that first step and jump-start your journey towards that dream where your customers will thank you for your service!

Stackable Reseller pool, choose between NYC, USA | Miami,FL, USA | LA, USA | UTAH, USA | London, UK | Falkenstein, Germany
Plan VM Count NVMe Storage RAM Ryzen CPU(**) Monthly Bandwidth IPv4+/IPv6*** Price
POOL-2G 2 20 GB (30 GB*) 2 GB 2 vCore @3.5GHz+ 2000 GB @1Gbit** 2 + 2x/64
POOL-4G 4 40 GB (60 GB*) 4 GB 4 vCore @3.5GHz+ 4000 GB @1Gbit** 4 + 4x/64
POOL-6G 6 60 GB (90 GB*) 6 GB 6 vCore @3.5GHz+ 6000 GB @1Gbit** 6 + 6x/64
POOL-8G 8 80 GB (120 GB*) 8 GB 8 vCore @3.5GHz+ 8000 GB @1Gbit** 8 + 8x/64
POOL-10G 10 100 GB (150 GB*) 10 GB 10 vCore @3.5GHz+ 10000 GB @1Gbit** 10 + 10x/64
Nexus Bytes Reseller Plan Perks


At Nexus Bytes, you are not just a customer. You are a part of our Nexus Bytes family. As a dear member of our family, you deserve special treatment simply because we are family. It’s just the right thing to do. Nexus Bytes family members with VPS or Cloud hosting services will get additional

Nexus Bytes VPS Features


With our virtual private servers, you get complete control. For maximum compatibility and security, we only use KVM virtualization. This means you decide what operating system you would like to put on your system. You decide if you want to operate a web server, an email server, a document syncing server or a VPN. And you don’t have to worry about anyone peeking into your server (that includes us).

  • Scalable Resource
  • Blazing Fast NVMe Storage
  • Custom ISO Support
  • IPv6 Support (USA Only)
  • Basic DDoS protection
  • Powerful VPS Management Panel
  • Nested virtualization Enabled
  • Stackable Plans

Available Upgrades

Each VPS server plan comes with the possibility to extend its resources without the need to change to a higher plan. Dedicated IP addresses are currently limited to 4 per VM, the maximum amount of storage available per product and server is 960 GB. Please note that resources cannot be extended indefinitely due to hardware restrictions. Contact our sales department if you require a custom server solution.

All plans are stackable, please contact us if you require to stack and combine multiple plans

Additional bandwidth can be purchased after you have exceeded your monthly quota included in your plan.

VPS Server Upgrades
Upgrade Price
Additional IPv4 $2.00/month/IP
Additional CPU vCores** $2.50*/month/CORE
Additional RAM $2.50*/month/1 GB
Additional NVMe Storage $2.00*/month/15 GB
Additional Bandwidth $2.00*/month/1 TB
Port Speed Upgrade $10.00*/month/10 GBit

Available Add-ons

The following add-ons are available for an additional cost

- "DA Server Management" includes "Directadmin + Softacolous Bundle" for no additional cost.

Add-on Software and Services
Description Price
Directadmin + Softacolous Bundle $5.00/month
Virtualizor License $8.00/month
DA Server Management $20.00 / month

*With Annual Payments | **Fair Share | ***Not Available Germany

Looking for a custom solution?

NexusCare Team can provide you with the best custom-made server solutions on the market, no matter if you're a freelancer, small business or large enterprise.

Sales Department

High Performance

We operate one of the most advanced server networks in the world, extensive DDoS protection.

Fully Redundant

Our hosting platform offers a 99.9% S.L.A backed uptime guarantee with full hardware and network redundancy to keep your services online.

Secure Infrastructure

Our Tier Certified Data Centers provide advanced fire and intrusion protection, combined with enterprise hardware.

Global Datacenters

Rapid Activation

To ensure that you are getting exactly what you signed up for, we personally and manually process and validate every single order within couple of hours of verifiied payment.

Dedicated Support

Our in-house Support Team is available 24x7 to answer all technical enquiries you may encounter with any of our products.

Support Portal

Powerful Control Panel

Our powerful Control Panel allows you to manage every aspect of your product! From managing your website to reinstalling your VPS, everything is just a click away!