E-mail hosting that delivers.

Business-grade e-mail delivery that costs less than a cup of coffee.

Email Hosting

Why Nexus Bytes Premium E-mail Hosting?

Snail mail for business is a thing of the past. E-mail is mission-critical for today's business operations, and we make sure your e-mails are delivered. Our outbound-infrastructure is designed to get your email to your recipient's inbox, regardless of whether they use Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, or self-hosted solutions.

Email Hosting features

Our Email Hosting plans come with a fully-featured control panel to make managing your email accounts easy and painless.

You get generous storage space and an e-mail service that just works!

We support the common e-mail protocols: SMTP, IMAP, POP3. We also support mail forwarding (aka aliasing), catch-all, and plus-addressing. If you prefer to access email via a webmail client, we offer Crossbox, Rainloop, and Roundcube

For our premium e-mail hosting plans, we limit to 300 outgoing e-mails per hour (per e-mail address), which should be sufficient for most use cases.

Server and login details are sent to you via e-mail upon service activation. Ports and protocol information are as follows:

  • - IMAP SSL: 993
  • - IMAP Non-SSL: 143
  • - POP3 SSL: 995
  • - POP3 Non-SSL: 110
  • - SSL: 465
  • - SMTP Non-SSL/STARTTLS: 25, 587, 2525

If you can use a computer and the internet, that's pretty much all that you need. Our control panel makes managing your email accounts a breeze.

Yes! It is not very difficult. We recommend using imapsync to perform this task. This can be done via a web interface, Windows application, or command line (Linux best documented).

Our Email Hosting work on BYOD (Bring Your Own Domain). If you don't have a domain yet, we can help. Click here to get your desired domain!

We are sorry that we are unable to offer a free trial. However, our 48 hours no questions asked refund policy means you get to change your mind without paying a cent if our service is not what you need.

Each service order is allocated a master account with a fixed amount of storage.

Within this master account, you get to decide how many email addresses you would like to have and how to allocate the storage limit across the different email addresses. The total storage limit across all email addresses cannot exceed the limit given to the master account.