About Nexus Bytes LLC

Who are we?

We are Nexus Bytes LLC! Your web hosting partner, your web hosting family!

Nexus Bytes LLC is a privately owned hosting company established in 2016. We are based out of Middletown, Connecticut, USA, and we are legally incorporated as a business in the State of Connecticut.

Nexus Bytes LLC also strongly believes in diversity and we have customer service support in three languages: English, Chinese and Spanish to cater to customers who may find it easier to seek support in a language they are more familiar with. As Nexus Bytes grow, we will continue to diversify our customer service support to other languages to give you an even more bespoke experience

Here at Nexus Bytes LLC, we don't have customers, we have family members. We strive and take pride in providing the best service and experience possible. Don't wait!! Join the family today. Find out why we are awesome!!

Our mission and vision

Affordable boutique servers, priceless bespoke experience, powered by NexusCare!

Nexus Bytes LLC was founded by a couple of IT professionals over a coffee meeting and lots of subsequent WhatsApp discussions on how to make web hosting and server management great again (MWHASMGA). After days of intense discussions, the Nexus Bytes mission was born.

Guided by our mission, Nexus Bytes strives to provide web hosting and VPS services that are affordable and sustainable, while at the same time providing rock solid stable servers with customer service that treats you as a family member and not another number who needs to be dealt with. All our customer service officers abide by our service creed: "If it isn’t unreasonable, illegal or technically unfeasible, we will strive to meet your expectation."

We are not here to sell you services, we are here to earn your business :)

Our Partners

Lite Speed WebServer
Directadmin Server Control Panel
Blesta Billing Software
Centos Web Panel
Virtualizor Server Automation
Webuzo Control Panel
Softaculous App Installer

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