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Affordable boutique servers. Priceless bespoke experience. By Humans, for Humans.

Robots and Aliens are welcome too. We really don't discriminate.

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Welcome To The Family!

Nexus Bytes Family

Here at Nexus Bytes, we do things differently. In an era of automation and AI, everyone seems to forget the art of humanity and the power of empathy. You are not just another line in our CRM database. To us, you are more than just a customer. You are part of the Nexus Bytes family, and we only want the best for our family. We are not going to sell our family members what we won’t buy for ourselves. That’s the Nexus Bytes difference.

Why Us?

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Great question! To be honest, we are not the cheapest. Others say we are not the best, but that's okay. We are more than good enough. We design products you can depend on and provide support that feels like you are talking to a good friend instead of an overworked employee. We like money, but we don't like to upsell; we want to earn your business. What makes Nexus Bytes a beloved Web hosting brand? Scroll down :)

We Are Global!

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4 continents, 8 locations, minimal server distancing. Our low latency worldwide network enables you to deploy your service infrastructure in close proximity to your customer base.

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True Family Experience

You are more than just a person who bought something from us. When you take a Byte, you join our family and we treat you like family. The word is that our after-sales experience is better than our pre-sales experience. No ifs, no buts. It’s just the right thing to do. The longer you stay, the more we will take care of you!

See our buffet list of Family Perks

Your Satisfaction First

We want you to be nothing less than completely satisfied with our services and products. As long as it is within the scope of our policy (or even if it is currently not part of our policy but within our means), we are willing to support your requests. We are family and family always helps each other. We can always talk. Got questions?

Let's talk :)

24x7 Human Support

We are an unmanaged Web hosting service provider. But that doesn't mean we abandon you! Here at Nexus Bytes, you have access to 24/7 personal support provided by nice, actual human beings. We have nothing against A.I. or automated support, but we just don’t think that we are ready to call robots family yet.

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Why choose Nexus Bytes for your Web Hosting needs?

Because we care more about you getting the best performance than fattening our pockets.

High Performance

We use nothing but the latest and greatest hardware. DDoS protected Fast Network, Faster NVMe Storage and even Faster AMD Ryzen CPU. With Nexus Bytes, you get performance so fast, the cops can't catch up in time to give you a speeding ticket.

Scalable Resources

Yesterday you started a new project. Today, you are a medium-sized business. Tomorrow, you are cutting deals with venture capitalists. With Nexus Bytes scalable hosting infrastructure, we can meet your growing needs every step of the way.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

Personal blog or busy e-commerce platform? Unstable servers or unjustified downtime is not acceptable for the Nexus Bytes family. We guarantee 99.9% network and hardware uptime backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements.

Family Perks

At Nexus Bytes, you are not just another paying customer. You are a part of our Nexus Bytes family. As a dear member of our family, you deserve special treatment simply because we are family. It’s just the right thing to do.

Tired of your current Hosting provider?

Stuck in a toxic relationship and looking for a way out? We've got you covered!!

Contract Buyout Special

Want to snag that Nexus Bytes hosting offer really badly but you paid annually for a hosting plan half a year ago and now you can only drool at our offer? With our contract buyout special, you can wipe that drool off your face.

Unshackle that contract here

Sweet Switch

Considering switching to Nexus Bytes? Our Migrator Special sweetens the switch: pay for a quarter and get one month free. Pay two quarters and get two months free. Pay a year, get four months free (that’s as sweet as it gets).

Hack a switch plan here

Free Migration

Breakup isn't easy. It is painful. Been there, done that. Trust us, we can relate to your pain, so we will do our best to help you ease that pain as much as we can. If you need help with transferring your valuable data, from your current hosting provider, please talk to us. We can help.

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Money Back Guarantee

We offer 48 hours no questions asked money back guarantee. Simply because if we cannot meet your needs as well as you hoped we could, we would rather have you spend your hard-earned money on something that works better. We can always work again in the future!

Let's talk :)

What do our family members say about us?

Our words are obviously biased in favor of ourselves, so you should read what our family members have to say!

General FAQ

Answers to general questions, that are asked on a regular basis:

    For your convinience, We accept the following methods of payments :
  • - Debit/Credit Card
  • - Paypal
  • - Ali Pay
  • - WeChat Pay
  • - OXXO Mexico
  • - Boleto Brazil
  • - WebMoney
  • - India NetBanking
  • - Paytm
  • - Bitcoin / BitcoinCash / LiteCoin / Ethereum.

We offer a 48 hour refund guarantee with no question asked. Our detailed refund policy can be found by clicking here

While we can not predict the future, we firmly believe that customer should pay exactly what they have signed up for! To protect our customers from any kind of price increase, every plan/promo is guaranteed to remain the same for at least 2 years or the Maximum Duration of the existing service period (whatever the highest), unless stated otherwise in the product/promo description. In the event of a price increase, you, our customer, will be notified at least 30 days before the end of your billing cycle.

We know how important your project is. Unstable server and system downtime should be least of your concerns and this is exactly why, we guarantee 99.9% Network and Hardware uptime backed by our Service Level Agreements.

VPS are hosted on physical hardwares (referred as host node). Each VPS is allocated a set amount of resources, of which some are dedicated (usually RAM, storage space, IP address etc), while others such as CPU (vDedicated plans are an exception) and network throughput (known as port speed) are shared.

If the host node is a building, your VPS is an apartment in the building. While you have your own personal space and resources, other resources such as elevators and stairs are shared with others.

Our fair share policy ensures that bad, noisy neighbors will not impact your service. Everyone likes to party once in a while, but no one likes it when that party next door goes on for days.

Our fair share policy gives you the room to exceed your allocated resources for the occasional times when you need some extra power, but if you constantly exceed you allocation, you will affect other VPSes on the host node. In such cases, we seek your understanding to upgrade to a vDedicated plan or even purely dedicated resources so that your VPS can continue to offer peak performance to your users.

Our fair share policy allows us to avoid overselling, which in turn benefits you as you do not need to pay extra just because you exceeded your allocation once in a while.

Nexus Bytes believes in transparency and honesty. Our fair share usage policies are clearly defined within our Terms of Service page. Click the button below to learn more about our policies.

Definitely! For a seamless experiencce, we offer an affordable and simple domain registration/transfer option so that you can manage everything with one login.

Ready to get started? Click any button below.

Yes, we can! Curious to know how?

While there's no free trial, we do believe that you shouldn't have to pay for something, if you aren't happy with it. Thus, for your peace of mind, we adhere by our no questions asked 48 hours refund policy

By default, all our VPS and Web hosting plans are self managed. We (Nexus Bytes LLC) are only responsible for managing the physical hardware (where the host node resides) and network. While we do and will try our best to assist our family members with common issues and troubleshooting, the expectation is that the end user is responsible overall for managing their VPS.

For example, if the host node or network is offline (which can be verified via checking our Heartbeat Monitor), we will bring the service back online as soon as possible. However, if there's no known outage on our end and you can access your VPS using either VNC or rescue mode, then it is your responsibility to troubleshoot the root cause and resolve it.

The same goes for abnormal resource usage. While you are welcome to ask us for basic guidance on what to look for and we may provide some assistance to help you narrow down the cause, you are solely responsible for resolving the issue.

While we do not expect everyone to be a pro system admin, we do encourage our family members to utilize our Knowledge base and power of Google to troubleshoot and resolve most issues.

If you require additional system administration assistance or don't want to deal with the headache of managing the server, let a pro do it for you! You can either subscribe to our DirectAdmin Management Service or hire a seasoned admin to urgently solve your issues at the rate of $100/hour.

In simple terms, the differences among these services are the disk type, CPU usage limits, and other product features. For a more detailed and easy-to-understand explanation, please click here.